Gambling Legends – Gordon Selfridge

Harry Gordon Selfridge, the wealthy American businessman and owner of the high-class London department store had a voracious passion for gambling, although rather like Andre […]

From the Rat Pack to Corporate Las Vegas

Probably the best-known and most glamorous phase of Las Vegas’ history was during the late 1950’s and early 1960’s, the era of the ‘Rat Pack’. […]

Las Vegas and the Mob. Guns, Girls and Gambling

The story behind the Strip begins in 1938, when Fletcher Brown was elected mayor of Los Angeles and began a crusade against illegal gambling by […]

The Hoover Dam is Built and Gambling is Legalised

The US government were determined to harness the power of the mighty Colorado River to provide flood control, electricity and irrigation to its growing population. […]

The Las Vegas Gold Rush, the First Town is Built

The lead miners and prospectors picked up where the Mormons left off. Silver was discovered and the small mining town that had developed soon mushroomed […]

Indians and Mormons in the Gamblers Mecca Part 1

In our first part of a series of articles we look at how Las Vegas has grown from a mere spot in the Nevada desert […]

Gambling Legends – Giacomo Casanova

There was a gambling frenzy in 18th century’s European High Society, it was within these privileged and often debauched circles that the most famous lover […]

Gambling Legends – Beau Brummell

The 19th century produced a divided society lacking in any middle class on one side we had extreme decadence for the fortunate and on the […]